About Us

In 2011 my husband Adam and I were invited to attend the International Toy Fair that is held every February in New York City. We went mainly because we had never been to NYC before and it was over Valentine’s Day! We were amazed at all the cool toys that, and began talking about how fun it would be to open a toy store in our hometown. It was a “someday” type dream.

Fast forward: In January 2012 life changes had us looking for a store front in Downtown Dover. I knew the building that I wanted but it was occupied. Over the next few months we talked to all the folks who owned buildings downtown, but there was just nothing available. We were patient and prayed knowing that God would provide what we needed when the time was right.

In April, an accidental phone call turned into a return call 10 minutes later. There was a building coming available. That building was the building I wanted from day one. God really was in control.

On June 8, 2012 HomeTown Toys opened for business at 202 West Third Street in historic downtown Dover. This truly is God’s plan and we are just along for the ride!

-Deb Wilson


What we do

We are a specialty retail toy store. What does that mean? Specialty is more of the industry trade name for “very cool toys”. We carry toys that are not typically found in the big box stores. Our motto says, “The Destination for Your Imagination.” That is the best way to describe our inventory. We have very few items that require batteries, and carry no electronics. We have toys and games that are fun because you have to think about the activity at hand.

Here are some examples: 1) We have a large display of figurines that kids love to play with.(Animals, Dinosaurs, Science Fiction Creatures). They make up the most amazing situations and scenarios all from the memories.2) We have an extensive collection of science kits and craft kits. Kids have a wonderful ability to be creative. It is an untapped resource, because we tend not to help them develop that part of their brain. Kids at the youngest age will surprise you with their talent to build. 3) We carry children’s books. We try to make sure we have a book that will interest every child. 4) Seasonal items for indoor and outdoor activities. Have you ever felt kinetic sand roll through your fingers? Have you ever bounced a glow-in-the-dark bracelet off an OGO board at night? Have you ever witnessed the powerful energy of a Zeebee? Well you and your kids should try all of these at least once.

We spend a lot of time and energy to find the most unique toys around the world. We also spend extra time to find toys Made in America. The search for “fun stuff” is not easy, but it pays off when you see the faces of children and adults after stopping in to our store just one time. Our staff’s number one job is to make you feel welcome every time you step foot in our store. They are also very familiar with the entire toy inventory, and can answer questions about each item. One of the first things we do when a new toy arrives, is play with it. Why not? If it’s not fun, why carry it?




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