Welcome to HomeTown Toys!

We are a specialty retail toy store. What does that mean? Specialty is more of the industry trade name for “very cool toys”. We carry toys that are not typically found in the big box stores. Our motto says, “The Destination for Your Imagination.” That is the best way to describe our inventory. We have very few items that require batteries, and carry no electronics. We have toys and games that are fun because you have to think about the activity at hand.

We spend a lot of time and energy to find the most unique toys around the world.  The search for “fun stuff” is not easy, but it pays off when you see the faces of children and adults after stopping in to our store just one time. Our staff’s number one job is to make you feel welcome every time you step foot in our store. They are also very familiar with the entire toy inventory, and can answer questions about each item. One of the first things we do when a new toy arrives, is play with it. Why not? If it’s not fun, why carry it?


Our Featured Toys

Wooden Princess Magnets
Papa Smurf
Science Magic
Cincinnati Reds Lil' Teammates MLB Batter Series 2
Turtle Hand Puppet
Soft Shapes Puppies